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Welcome to New Image Data, Inc., The SDLT,

DLT, LTO, AIT and DAT Experts .

Since 1995

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    We Accept Government  and  Corporate Purchase Orders


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New DLT IV 40/80GB $15

AIT, DAT, Exabyte

HP LTO2 200/400GB  $26

Our success has been built on complete Customer satisfaction .
We provide Engineering solutions, Troubleshooting, repair Technology and support to drive repair depots around the world.

         Quality service at a value price

We repair and recondition ALL LTO, SDLT, DLT, DAT, AIT, Exabyte, and Optical  Drives to original specifications.

***     WARRANTY     ***

6 month warranty on all repairs

***         FAST         ***

TURN AROUND TIME (24 to 72 hours)

  DAT- Repair

DDS-5 HP, Sony, Quantum, Dell, Certance 36/72 GB $175
DDS-4 HP, Sony, Compaq, Seagate, Dell 20/40 GB $150
DDS-3 HP, Sony, Compaq, Seagate, Dell 12/24 GB $125
DDS-2 HP, Sony, Compaq, Seagate, Dell  4/8 GB $95
DDS-DC HP 35480, 1504 WangDat 3200, Archive 4324 $100
DDS HP 35470, WangDat 3100, Archive 432x  $100
Autochanger DDS-3, DDS-2, DDS $225
Autochanger DDS-5, DDS-4 $250

SDLT-DLT  Repair

SDLT 160/320 Quantum, Compaq, HP, Dell,.... $295
SDLT 110/220 Quantum, Compaq, HP, Dell,... $250
DLT8000 Quantum, HP DLT8000, Compaq DLT 40/80 $195
DLT7000 DLT 7000, DLT70, DLT 35/70 . $165 
DLT1, VS   DLT1, DLT VS80, DLT VS160 $175
DLT4000 DLT4000, DLT 20/40 $145
DLT  Library SDLT, DLT, LTO libraries (call for details) $375-$475
DLT8000,7000 $15

DLT4000,2000 $15  
DLT1-VS80      $15  



 LTO - Repair

LTO-1, LTO2 Quantum, HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Seagate $225
LTO-3 Quantum, HP, Tandberg, Dell, IBM, Certance $375
LTO-4 Quantum, HP, Tandberg, Dell, IBM,  Certance $475
LTO-5 & 6 Quantum, HP, Tandberg, Dell and IBM  Call


OPTICAL Maxoptix, Sony, Pinnacle Micro, etc.  Call
OPTICAL External drives  Call


Are you shopping for LTO, SDLT, DLT or DAT drive  ?

call or e-mail for Top quality at a reasonable price.

Board Repair and New Heads
Quantum, Compaq, Sony, HP  (Please call)

This is a ONE page site, to make it simple and easy to read, so even if you don't see your drive(s) listed, the answer is YES we repair your drive(s).

Toll Free: (866) 590-4391

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We Accept Government  and  Corporate Purchase Orders         

 International orders are welcome





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Quantum, Compaq, HP, Seagate, Sony, and IBM

 SDLT, DLT, DAT, LTO, AIT drives  


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